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Protective Tool Covers

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The minimum quantity for made-to-order items depend on the manufacturing process and materials involved, but is typically 1,000 pieces.

For larger quantities, please contact us for a custom quote.


Beckett Packaging now offers a series of flat vinyl Protective Tool Covers.

These Vinyl dip-molded flat rectangular covers are durable yet stretch to provide a secure fit on tools, drill bits, taps, endmills or the cutting surface of other items which need protection. The advantage of these covers is that a small range of sizes will fit snugly over a wide range of both imperial and metric tool sizes.

For more information, see our PTC Series page.

Wall thickness is measured approx. ¼” (6.35mm) from open end. Wall thickness increases slightly towards the closed end of the part
Micropacks are only available for purchase through our online store.

Product Line: FVG
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