Round Hanger Plug - For Cleartec 9/16" Tubes - Natural PP

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Plastic Hanging Plugs Ends
Polypropylene Hanger Plugs


Hanger End Caps and Lids for Plastic Tubes and Containers

Polypropylene Hanger Plugs (PHP)

Cleartec Packaging currently offers a line of inner-fit polypropylene hanger plugs. These hanger plugs, when used with our ultra-thin, thin, or sealed bottom tubes are designed to provide an attractive, low cost retail package. The plugs are easy to insert and secure once attached. Available for 13 of our tube sizes, the plugs are stocked in red, black in natural colors. Other colors are available if time permits.

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WARNING Our closures are specifically designed to fit Cleartec tubes. If you want to use our caps or plugs for a different application, we suggest that you request a Sample before ordering.

Round ( ≤ 1½") | Sombrero ( ≥ 1¾")