5/8" x 1" Sealed Bottom Rectangular Container - Length 12.187"

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Clear Rectangular Packaging
Rectangular Sealed Bottom Containers


Sealed Bottom Clear Plastic Tubes Translucent Rectangular Sealed Packaging Box See-thru Rectangular Packaging Container Transparent Rectangular Packaging Rectangular Sealed Bottom Packaging Clear Rectangular Packaging Transparent Sealed Bottom Containers Rectangular Sealed Bottom Tubes

Sealed Bottom Rectangular Containers (SBRCT)

A full-line of Rectangular clear plastic containers are the newest addition to our product line. These containers are ideal for many types of retail and industrial packaging applications. If you're searching for that unique look or if you require an 'anti-roll' package, our rectangular clear plastic tubes are a perfect choice.

Excellent for many types of point-of-purchase and consumer packaging applications including beads, bath salts, sporting goods, hardware components, craft/hobby products or any item that requires a container that will stand out from the crowd. One end of these clear plastic tubes is permanently sealed, which provides overall cost savings and reduced labor assembly costs.

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Tube Size Inside Diam. Wall Thickness Length
3/16" - 2 3/4" ±.003 ±.003 ±.062
3" - 3 1/2" ±.005 ±.003 ±.062
4" ±.008 ±.005 ±.062